Holiday home rental sweden.

Welcome to “perfect Sweden” ,  holiday home rental sweden.

Holiday home located in Bruzaholm, Smaland, Sweden.

We at “ holiday home rental sweden ” have tried to make the home as cosy as possible for you, with maximum comfort for everybody.

A big fireplace at the entrance hallway greats you at you’re arrival.


There are 4 comfortable bedrooms, of which 1 of them has a double bed, one is a single bedroom, one  with sleeper sofa (2 persons) and  gym, and a “kids room” with 2 bunk beds.(4 persons).




There is a gym available in one of the bedrooms.

View from the balcony….


The kitchen is fully equipt, with a dishwasher, oven, microwave, fridge/freezer, pots & pans, cutlery etc etc….. Lots of cupboard space, and a pantry. Washing machine in the cellar.



Big kitchen table for larger groups is available ofcourse.


2  living room’s/lounge with comfortable seats/sofa’s, t.v.  and dvd player (big collection of dvd’s available).


There is a hifi set in the kids room too, with a small assortment of games and toys.



The bathroom has a  shower,toilet & wash basin, and is situated on the down floor.



The upper level floor also has a toilet, with a wash basin ,recently renovated.



In the basement  is the relax room with a roomy sauna situated. Big enough for 4 to lie down, or 8 to sit.

(washing machine is also located here.)




The garden is 1850 square metres big, with comfortable garden seats & table’s available, for up to 9 people. Barbeque on site.




“Perfect Sweden” is the last house in the village, so the forest is your neighbour !

Also situated near/around the house  are several lakes and streams for some great nature walks and/or fishing.



stuverydsbacken nature reserve 

Just behind and beside the property is a big nature reserve called “Stuverydsbacken”. A little forest path starts right behind the property and leads you into the reserve.


This path will lead you to scenary’s like this :













The house is  situated on the road that will lead you to the “pippi longstocking” town of Vimmerby, and the very toeristically little town of Eksjo (20 minutes by car), where you will find all the big grocery shop names (ica,  coop, lidl, willie’s).

Small grocery shop is situated in the next town over, about 10 minutes by car (Ica Hjältevad).

There is also a little farmers market every saturday on the Eksjo town square. (in season).

There is a railway situated near the house, but only has 2 to 4 trains coming past every day. First train station in the area is in Eksjo.

Have a great and unforgettable time at “Perfect Sweden” holiday home !

Prize included at holiday home rental sweden  :


Free parking on property.

Free use of sauna.

prize excluded in prize and mandatory at holiday home rental sweden :

End cleaning. (100 euro)

Prices in high season (june until september) 650 euro per week.

For bookings mail to:       or




Flyfishing is one of the most popular and exciting fishingmethods there is. But where to start? This course will give you the basics in flyfishing, as casting tecnique, equipment & flychoice.

Moreover, we will be flyfishing for trout in a beautiful lake outside Eksjö. Experience an exciting day in the peaceful Swedish outbacks and find a hobby for life! Incl: English-speaking guide, Fishing equipment, Fishing License, Transport & Snacks Duration: 5-6 hours ! Booking: Magnus Åhström +46 (0)73 777 4089

Fishing permits can be bought at “intropris”, the first shop you will find when you drive into Eksjo from the house, on your left (across the LIDL).

You can buy a “daycard” (aprox. 5 euro), a “weekcard” (aprox. 20 euro) or a “yearcard” (aprox. 30 euro). Personel in the shop will give you a map of lakes where you are allowed to fish.



Welcome to a tour of Eksjö town. While strolling through the town, think of all the old town centres that have been demolished or modernized; you’ll realise that Eksjö is a spectacular exception to the rule. A total of 65% of the buildings in the town centre were constructed before the 20th century. The corresponding figure for the rest of Sweden is only 6%! This is one of the reasons as to why the Old Town of Eksjö was awarded a Europa Nostra Diploma in 1997: “For the remarkable renovation of this important ensemble of traditional wooden buildings which has given new life to the old town centre.”

Properties and squares The old streets, lanes and homesteads of Eksjö present a thriving exquisite historical environment. Eksjö’s medieval origins and unusually well-preserved buildings from the 17th century and onwards give credence to the epithet “the unique wooden town”. The centre of Eksjö comprises around 60 listed buildings, most of them located in the Old Town. The medieval town plan has been more or less maintained in an irregular small-scale and intimate grid. The concentration of wooden buildings is considered one of Sweden’s most well-preserved and treasured national cultural heritages.

In Arendt’s footsteps “Ekesiö” was situated about 500 metres southwest of the present church in the beginning of the 15th century. The original town was burned to the ground in 1568 during the Nordic seven-year war. When the king decided to rebuild the town, the Flemish master-builder Arendt de Roy was given the assignment. His work was done by the end of the 16th century.The street called Arendt Byggmästares gata allows a peek into the past 400 years of the town’s history. The names of streets and squares remind us of a number of old crafts, some we recognise, others no longer practiced: tanners, dyers, rope-makers, waxers, coppersmiths, barber-surgeons, blacksmiths, cordwainers…


Welcome to Virum Moose/elk Park

Virum moosepark opened in the spring of 2008 and is run by us, Kjell and Helene Svensson.

We started the business because of our long founded interest in animals and nature. After having been farmers with cows and horses on our farm, we have now changed to moose and deer in our park and hope to show them to everyone who is interested. We want visitors to be able to experience moose and deer in their natural habitat. In beautiful surroundings, you can get close to the animals, observe their behaviour and be fascinated by their special beauty.

Our moose and fallow deer roam freely in a large 8 hectar enclosure. The enclosure contains open fields, meadows and forest. There is also a large lake in the enclosure which the moose love to bathe in. It’s a delight to see them splashing around in the lake.

By taking one of our safari rides into the park, you will experience the moose up close. The jeeps you ride in are partially open at the sides giving you an opportunity to pet and feed the moose while being well protected at the same time. Bad weather is not a problem.

Bruzaholms Gokarthall

In the village itself is a Gokarthall, 300 meters long !

For an afternoon full of fun !  Directions on signes through the village.


Norra Kvill National Park

35 minute drive from Bruzaholm, is Norra Kvill National Park situated.

Fallen trunks, huge boulders and towering trees contribute to make this area a wilderniss. In the middle of the park there is a forest lake , “Stora Idegolen”, with water lilies and bogbean.

Here, you will find everything you need to know before your visit to Norra Kvill National Park. When it is best to visit the park, how to get there.

Norra Kvill National Park



Also known as “Pippi Longstocking park” .

On a short 30 minute drive from the house, Astrid Lindgrin’s world is housed, in Vimmerby.

Step right into Astrid Lindgren´s stories

Be there when That Emil hoists Ida up the flagpole, play tag with Pippi Longstocking or explore Matt’s Fort. In Astrid Lindgren’s World you and your family become part of the classic children’s stories, and the line between story and reality, and between theatre and play, becomes blurred. The park is full of imaginative play areas, and music and singing can be heard from our many stages throughout the day. If you become hungry, find a nice picnic area or visit one of our restaurants that serve hearty Småland food made from local produce.

The largest open-air theatre in Sweden

If you haven’t read Astrid Lindgren’s books, you may still have seen one of the films or heard the music. Seeing well-known scenes from Astrid Lindgren’s stories performed before your eyes and hearing the classic songs sung by Pippi, Emil, Alfred and all the others are an important part of the experience at Astrid Lindgren’s World. Our theatre programme is planned to ensure there is always something for all ages to see. And when the performances are over, the children can meet the characters in their settings.


Click here for directions and park info






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